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Louise Worner

During our long confinement period in Spain I considered myself very lucky to be studying Sogetsu ikebana. The use of unconventional as well as fresh materials mean that, although florists were closed and we couldn’t leave the house, I was never short of materials to create arrangements. Louise Worner Interview with Louise Worner, Jonin Sanyo […]

Sandy Marker

A quote by Sensei Tetsunori Kawana ‘You are touching nature’ has had one of the biggest impacts on me in my ikebana journey.  Sandy Marker Interview with Sandy Marker, a Sogetsu Ikebana teacher living in Sydney, Australia. How were you introduced to Ikebana? As a young child I was fascinated about tales of Japan (my […]

Julia Rush

“make the arrangement look like it’s been created by magic.” – Julia Rush Sogetsu Ikebana – Teacher’s Diploma 3rd Grade Tokyo, Japan instagram.com/juliarushflowers juliarushflowers.com Interview with Julia Rush, a 29 year old Sydney advertising operations manager, has been studying Sogetsu Ikebana since 2014 with Sandra Marker. Since moving to Tokyo in 2019, she attends classes […]