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Saihou Ozono

美しいだけではなく、メッセージやテーマ、個性が重要。 The message, theme and personality are important. It’s not enough to be only beautiful. Saihou Ozono Interview with Saihou Ozono, founder of “HIGEDEBU FLOWERS” and ”衣化花(ikebana)” How were you introduced to Ikebana? 親先生でもある母(大薗芳雪)の影響。 I was influenced by my mother (housetsu ozono). Why do you love Ikebana? 日本文化/精神を体現できる点。 We can express the Japanese culture and […]

Sandy Marker

A quote by Sensei Tetsunori Kawana ‘You are touching nature’ has had one of the biggest impacts on me in my ikebana journey.  Sandy Marker Interview with Sandy Marker, a Sogetsu Ikebana teacher living in Sydney, Australia. How were you introduced to Ikebana? As a young child I was fascinated about tales of Japan (my […]

Julia Rush

“make the arrangement look like it’s been created by magic.” – Julia Rush Sogetsu Ikebana – Teacher’s Diploma 3rd Grade Tokyo, Japan instagram.com/juliarushflowers juliarushflowers.com Interview with Julia Rush, a 29 year old Sydney advertising operations manager, has been studying Sogetsu Ikebana since 2014 with Sandra Marker. Since moving to Tokyo in 2019, she attends classes […]