Maxime Navel

Ikebana reflects the beauty of a single stem flower or a branch, when western style is more of a flower crowd

Maxime Navel

Interview with Maxime Navel, Sogetsu Ikebana student in Paris, France.

How were you introduced to ikebana?

I was introduced to Ikebana when I went to a demonstration at the Japanese center in Paris.

Why do you love ikebana?

I love Ikebana cause it reflects the beauty of a single stem flower or a branch when western style is more of a flower crowd, also It is closer to my aesthetic vision.

What’s the best advice you’ve received through your ikebana studies?

Less is more definitely.

Are there any artists who you look up to or inspire you most?

For sure Sofu Teshigahara because I love sculpture very much, and also numerous Ikebana artists on instagram.

Where do you source your materials & containers?

Here and there, most of my vases I brought back from my travels (most of them I found in Tokyo and the USA), materials I usually bring from the Rungis market in Paris or when I sometimes collect them on a day trip to the countryside.

How would you describe your style of ikebana?

For now to be quite honest as I started studying Sogetsu not so long ago, it is kinda hard to describe my style but I would say that I like my Ikebana soft toned.

Do you have a favourite material, or season?

Favorite material is carnations and I love fall season for its color scheme. 

What is the advice you would give to someone who is studying or teaching ikebana?

Go on a trip to Japan to really feel what is Ikebana.

Do you have any good ikebana secrets / tips to share?

You can use rocks or glaze instead of pin frog if you don’t have any with you. 

Maxime Navel
Sogetsu Ikebana Student
Paris, France

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