Interviews with artists around the world, and their love for Ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arranging)

“Ikebana is like meditation for me.”

“When I started practicing ikebana I could not stop. It becomes a habit, a lifestyle.”

“Ikebana reflects the beauty of a single stem flower or a branch, when western style is more of a flower crowd”

Cynthia Fan Ikebana Student

“Ikebana asks you to observe and appreciate every stage and part of a plant, from unopened buds to twirly roots and dying leaves.”

“Fight for your idea because no one else will.”

“Although florists were closed and we couldn’t leave the house, I was never short of materials to create arrangements”

“I like to use mushrooms in my work, veggies and fruits and unusual combinations of flowers , orchids with daisies.”

“My new pop-up project is called the HUMAN IKEBANA. The main goal of this is to make floral compositions through various taboo fetishes.”

“美しいだけではなく、メッセージやテーマ、個性が重要。 The message, theme and personality are important. It’s not enough to be only beautiful.”

“I love all four seasons, they are the reason I look forward to the next month on the calendar.”

“A quote by Sensei Tetsunori Kawana ‘You are touching nature’ has had one of the biggest impacts on me in my ikebana journey.”

“Make the arrangement look like it’s been created by magic.”