Eszter Glaser

My new pop-up project is called the HUMAN IKEBANA. The main goal of this is to make floral compositions through various taboo fetishes.

Eszter Glaser

Interview with Eszter Glazer, ceramic artist at “KOKOMO CERAMICS”, living in Budapest, Hungary. Portrait photo credit: Geza Talaber.

How were you introduced to ceramics?

I’m working as a production manager for animated films so I’m always working in front of the computer… Half a year ago it started getting more important to find a new hobby in an analog way.. so I went to a workshop where I started to use clay just for fun. This technique and style was love at first sight from the beginning. I didn’t experiment with other techniques, but maybe one day.

Why do you love ceramics?

I like the touch of the wet clay (and the smell of it). I’m working in an intuitive way and it’s very immersing for me. Also I’m learning a lot about patience, because I always have to wait for the ceramics item that I make; until it dries, until it burns… etc. It’s a character-forming activity for me. I’m a natural-born ceramics lover.

How does ikebana or flowers in general influence your work?

It’s constantly changing. Nowadays mainly the flowers, and also ikebana in a new context. My new pop-up project is called the HUMAN IKEBANA. The main goal of this is to make floral compositions through various taboo fetishes. I hope it will help those with certain fetishes to fight against shame. First topic is the foot fetish– I need to go deeper into this subject, and it’s not a simple matter, but I have time and I’m absolutely determined.

Are there any artists who you look up to or inspire you most?

Yesss, I’m in love with the colors, shapes and the public space objects of Camille Walala  ( The whole Memphis Milano group ( and the photos of Nobuyoshi Araki (

What is the best advice you have received through your studies?

Don’t think too much! It’s inspired me my whole life 😀 My new fav motto is from Memhis group “More is More” so this is the future that I feel!

How would you describe your style of ceramics?


Do you have a favourite flower, or season?

Fav flowers: poppy flower and daisy — I’m a wildflowers addict

Have you studied flower arrangement or ikebana?

Unfortunately no, it’s very difficult to find anyone in Hungary who can teach it..but I have many books on this topic, my new love is called the “Modern Ikebana” ( (one of my secret dreams is to be included in this publication one day). I’m not a professional, but I absolutely respect those who traditionally practice this activity.

What is ahead in your ceramics future?

Hopefully, many people can feel the flow to use them as flower composition objects (or another way, I don’t mind). I also want to create bigger objects and maybe an exhibition one day.  I’m also available for any collabs 🙂

Can people buy your vases? If so, how?

Please follow me on instagram and write to me. Webshop is coming soon.

Eszter Glaser
Ceramic Artist
Kokomo ceramics
Budapest, Hungary



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