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Azzmin Frances

Ikebana is like meditation for me. Azzmin Frances Interview with ikebana enthusiast Azzmin Frances, one half of Braer, in Byron Bay, Australia. How were you introduced to ikebana? I was introduced to Ikebana through books I have collected at op-shops over the years as well as gifts from friends. When I began learning about flowers […]

Jessica El Hajj

When I started practicing ikebana I could not stop. It becomes a habit, a lifestyle. Jessica El Hajj Interview with Jessica El Hajj, Sogetsu Ikebana Teacher in Beirut, Lebanon. How were you introduced to ikebana? I started ikebana by coincidence when I was living in Shanghai. I was an adherent to the CFS “Cercle Francophone […]

Maxime Navel

Ikebana reflects the beauty of a single stem flower or a branch, when western style is more of a flower crowd Maxime Navel Interview with Maxime Navel, Sogetsu Ikebana student in Paris, France. How were you introduced to ikebana? I was introduced to Ikebana when I went to a demonstration at the Japanese center in Paris. […]

Cynthia Fan

Ikebana asks you to observe and appreciate every stage and part of a plant, from unopened buds to twirly roots and dying leaves. Cynthia Fan Interview with Cynthia Fan, Ohara ikebana student from Cape Town, living in Edinburgh, UK. How were you introduced to ikebana? I found myself being drawn to images online of floral […]

Noe Kuremoto

Fight for your idea because no one else will. Noe Kuremoto Interview with Noe Kuremoto, Ceramic artist, living in London, UK. Portrait by photographer Marcelo Deguchi. How were you introduced to ceramics? I started to work with clay as a child. Not seriously at all. Just for fun. My father is an artist and he […]

Kasia Borowiecka

I like to use mushrooms in my work, veggies and fruits and unusual combinations of flowers , orchids with daisies. Kasia Borowiecka Interview with Kasia Borowiecka, Ikebana student and floral stylist at Cosmos & Plums, living in London, UK. Cosmos & Plums provides flowers for events, parties, dinner parties, weddings, editorials and photoshoots. Kasia also […]

Louise Worner

During our long confinement period in Spain I considered myself very lucky to be studying Sogetsu ikebana. The use of unconventional as well as fresh materials mean that, although florists were closed and we couldn’t leave the house, I was never short of materials to create arrangements. Louise Worner Interview with Louise Worner, Jonin Sanyo […]

Eszter Glaser

My new pop-up project is called the HUMAN IKEBANA. The main goal of this is to make floral compositions through various taboo fetishes. Eszter Glaser Interview with Eszter Glazer, ceramic artist at “KOKOMO CERAMICS”, living in Budapest, Hungary. Portrait photo credit: Geza Talaber. How were you introduced to ceramics? I’m working as a production manager […]

Saihou Ozono

美しいだけではなく、メッセージやテーマ、個性が重要。 The message, theme and personality are important. It’s not enough to be only beautiful. Saihou Ozono Interview with Saihou Ozono, founder of “HIGEDEBU FLOWERS” and ”衣化花(ikebana)” How were you introduced to Ikebana? 親先生でもある母(大薗芳雪)の影響。 I was influenced by my mother (housetsu ozono). Why do you love Ikebana? 日本文化/精神を体現できる点。 We can express the Japanese culture and […]