Connecting through a shared love of ikebana, flowers and nature.

Julia Rush, Founder

When I started studying Ikebana, I was drawn not just to the beauty of the flowers, the rich tradition, the creativity but also the community it created. Seeing the creative work of other talented artists around the world is energising, and drives us to do our best and think in new ways.

This blog has been created to showcase the work and the stories of ikebana students, teachers and artists who use ikebana as an influence in their work. I have included links and contact details where possible of the participants so you may reach out directly, and hopefully help students find teachers, artists to find ceramics, and everyone to find some inspiration, wherever you are in this big wide world.

I hope you enjoy viewing the work of these talented people and please reach out to me at any time if you’d like to share your work or just have a chat about ikebana in general. Please contact for all enquiries on how to become involved, suggestions on what you’d like to know more about and see more of, and general chit chat. If you love ikebana & are ever in Tokyo, I’d love to have a cup of tea with you.

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